Symbol Of Lion and what it is brings to you home.

Symbol Of Lion and what it is brings to you home.

I always love to read about things beyond conscious level of thinking, and I was always wondering why my emotional energy depends on things i don`t fully understand? Then i realized that most of the time we perceive this world symbolically. Understanding the meaning of the symbols would be a key to an answer to my original question. I always wanted to connect the passion for my business and things which always intrigued me, and talk to my customers about symbols in general, and about wall decoration symbols in my case.

Name "Symbol" comes from Greek words sign, password or omen. Symbol always has multiple meaning on multiple levels and it what distinguishes it from the sign. Symbols can be understood consciously and unconsciously. 

Symbols, which match your personality, can fulfill you with mental energy, clean you mind and distinguish your goals from daily routine. So what would lion symbol bring to you home and to your life as a wall decoration? And what are the roots of that symbol?

In ancient Egypt lion associated with the supreme god Ra. He was depicted as a lion with the sun on his head.

Lion Symbol is ancient one which was connected with sun, fire, strength and king power. In the middle ages Lion was a symbol of Resurrection. It was a belief that lion cubs were born dead and Lion father nursed them for three days after which whey would come to life. Eternal life was associated with fountain, that is why we see so many lions in fountain ensembles.

Lion often appears as a protector of something -  it was a legend lions sleep with the open eyes. That is the reason why you can meet so many lion sculptures in entrances to churches, palaces, gates or any entrances to public buildings.

Many countries have coats of arms with a lion - India, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Swiss, Finland, Spain, Bulgaria and many more.

Name of the famous France Emperor Napoleon means - great lion of desert.

Lion symbol can give your home sense of strength and power, persistence in goal reaching. It protects your house and brings calm to your family. Here are a couple of wall decal decorations with lions which can perfectly fit to you place:


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